Eco-Design and ClearSkies Explained

Simplifying complicated jargon within the Stove Industry

If you’re a stakeholder in the stove industry I am sure you will have heard about Eco-Design 2022 Legislation and ClearSkies Levels, if not, where have you been?

Here is a quick and easy explainer for what Eco-Design 2022 and ClearSkies mean, how they are linked, what they mean for the stove industry and how they may impact the consumer.

Firstly, Eco-Design 2022 is a UK Government and EU wide program that has been designed to lower emissions and improve air quality. These regulations set new efficiency requirements for all stoves. All appliances that show the ClearSkies mark have been certified by the independent Scheme administrator. This ClearSkies mark confirms that the appliance meets or exceeds the Eco-Design 2022 Legislation requirements. Only some Eco-Design 2022 stoves are DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) approved. If a stove is DEFRA approved, it means that they can be used in Smoke-Control Areas. The reasons for the difference between Eco-Design and DEFRA approval are explained in the second part of this blog.

Secondly, ClearSkies has levels. Ranging from 2, the lowest, to 5, the highest.

  • ClearSkies 2 means the appliance is Eco-Design Compliant, but not DEFRA approved.
  • ClearSkies 3 lists the appliance as Eco-Design compliant and DEFRA Approved.
  • ClearSkies 4 includes all of ClearSkies 3, and additionally a 15% improvement on the efficiency of the appliance.
  • ClearSkies 5 is the top of the ClearSkies levels. It means that these appliances have a 15% improvement on ClearSkies 4, so a minimum 30% improvement on ClearSkies 3. ClearSkies 5 approved stoves are the most future-proofed appliances.

What does this mean for the stove industry?

The eco-design regulation and DEFRA approval impacts the manufacturers of stoves more than the retailers or consumers. The vast majority of stove manufacturers already have a vested interest in improving their appliances and making them as efficient as they can. As a retailer, we can only sell and install eco-design compliant stoves.

How does this impact the consumer?

Well, you are now only able to buy Eco-Design 2022 Stoves. Importantly, and for those worried, stoves purchased and installed prior to Eco-Design 2022 that don’t comply are still fine and useable, this regulation only applies to recently purchased, modern stoves. It’s not hard to see a future in which there is a push for the removal of open fires and inefficient, pre-eco-design stoves and for them to be replaced with compliant appliances.

Woodburning stoves are a carbon efficient source of heat and should continue to be approved and welcomed as a quality secondary source of warmth in homes around the country.

We hope you found this blog informative, there is a lot of industry jargon, so if you are at all confused, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or explanation.

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