Arada Stoves


Our stoves are more than just a black box!

It’s been over 40 years since Arada started warming homes and hearts, but from day one, their stoves have had the authenticity you’d expect from a company rooted in rural Devon. The names “Villager”, “Arrow” and “Stratford” have all stood the test of time and are now united under the Arada brand. So choose a stove that is perfectly designed for the British home and way of life.

Raw steel is crafted with precision. Exacting joins are welded at 1500°C. Sparks fly as surfaces are perfected. Your stove emerges, bearing all the hallmarks of being designed, engineered and built in Britain by people who take pride in a job well done.

From modest beginnings to building up an experienced team of engineers, designers and fabricators producing domestic heating products for the UK and worldwide. Arada have been based at their Axminster site for almost two decades, but the company history extends over half a century.

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