Dik-Guerts Stoves


For wood stoves and wood fires for lovers of the real wood fire.

With a Dik Geurts fire or stove, fire comes to life. You have full control over the fire and the play of flames. We show you how simplicity, experience and knowledge work perfectly together in the most beautiful wood fire. All wood-burning stoves and fires in the Dik Geurts range have a particularly high efficiency. A higher temperature is achieved in these enclosed and thoughtful fireplaces and stoves. This makes combustion much more complete and efficient. Even remaining soot particles are burned. So you save on wood, emit less fine dust and soot particles, and thus save the environment.



The name Dik Geurts has stood for craftsmanship and design ever since it was established more than 40 years ago. Dik Geurts stoves are now a household name in the fireplace world and have been part of DRU since 2007.

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